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03:37 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #130: map moves away from opened track "moves away" to current location
Thank you for your message and do not hesitate to contact us in case of other questions.
Kind regards,
Lucia Kubickova
Lucia Kubickova


06:21 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #129: App isn't working
Good afternoon,
thank you for your message. We are sorry for inconvenience. Can I ask you to describe your problem f...
Lucia Kubickova
02:53 PM GPX Viewer Troubles & Questions: RE: Permanently show elevation graph on map
Good afternoon,
it is not possible to keep the graph on the map permanently, however once after displaying the graph...
Lucia Kubickova


03:26 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #128: cannot use online map by Google
Good afternoon,
thank you for your message. We tried to replicate your problem but were not able to find specific bu...
Lucia Kubickova


10:13 AM GPX Viewer Podpora #126: Mail de confirmation d'adresse mail
pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît nous envoyer votre adresse e-mail avec laquelle vous avez essayé de vous insc...
Lucia Kubickova
10:09 AM GPX Viewer Podpora #127: transfert de l'application
thank you for contacting us. You can install GPX Viewer PRO on any number of devices, there is no limitation ...
Lucia Kubickova


09:02 AM GPX Viewer Podpora #125: Keine GPX-Dateien mehr zu laden
Guten Morgen,
Könnte ich Sie bitte bitten, uns an eine Bildschirmaufzeichnung zu senden, di...
Lucia Kubickova


10:22 AM GPX Viewer Podpora #113: Does not show offline maps
Good morning,
few days ago we have released new update for iOS version, that might have helped to solve your issue. ...
Lucia Kubickova
10:20 AM GPX Viewer Podpora #124: Não consigo importar kml
Bom Dia,
posso pedir que você nos envie o arquivo para para que possamos investigá-...
Lucia Kubickova


01:31 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #123: Reverse direction route
Good afternoon,
thank you for reaching out to us. Yes it is possible to reverse the direction of tracks.
To do so, ...
Lucia Kubickova

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