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01:51 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #164: GPX Viewer Pro Zeitzonen einstellen
Guten Tag,
Danke, für ihre Frage. Ich bin nicht in der Lage, es vollständig zu verstehen. Könnten Sie es bitte klare...
Lucia Kubickova


04:29 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #163: GPX Viewer Pro WMS
Good afternoon,
thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately it looks that the https is not working overall to di...
Lucia Kubickova


04:07 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #162: Les onglets ne s'ouvrent pas
Bonjour, merci pour votre message. Nous rencontrons actuellement un problème avec le logiciel météo que nous utilison... Lucia Kubickova


06:17 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #161: Wetterdaten
Guten Tag, vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Derzeit haben wir ein Problem mit der von uns verwendeten Wettersoftware. ... Lucia Kubickova


04:36 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #159: Does not show location
Good afternoon,
thank you for reporting your issue, unfortunately we can not run the application without Google Play...
Lucia Kubickova


03:05 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #160: Off-line Navigation to a Destination
Good afternoon,
thank you for your question.Ufortunately we do not offer the option of navigation at alll, however y...
Lucia Kubickova
03:01 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #107: Support for wear OS.
Good afternoon,
the development for the wearables has not progressed yet.
Kind regards,
Lucia Kubickova
Lucia Kubickova
03:00 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #158: App is trying to open PDF files
Good afternoon,
thank you for your message, frankly we have no idea why default setting is going this direction, but...
Lucia Kubickova
02:56 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #157: Tracking issues.
Thank you for the reply.
Can you please check the important note in our manual:
Lucia Kubickova


01:38 PM GPX Viewer Podpora #157: Tracking issues.
Good afternoon,
thank you for your message. Could you please attach few screenshots so we can visualize the situat...
Lucia Kubickova

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