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iPhone users: Icon symbology lost on GPX import

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GPX Viewer Pro 1.18.5


Hello! We use GPX viewer pro heavily as a team of biological consultants in Southern California. GPX viewer pro, and making GPX files from excel files every evening, allows for easy coordination. Our iPhone users, however, are experiencing an issue. The GPX import appears to have only one icon type and colour. Our import works perfectly on Android devices, showing multiple colours and icon types for different team members. Is this a native iPhone issue? Or is this a settings issue? Is this a bug? This renders GPX viewer pro nearly useless for our iPhone users. We are struggling to find a suitable replacement for them.

Updated by Tomas Vajda over 1 year ago

Hello, thank you for contacting us. GPX Viewer PRO on Android is in development for 7 years, whereas on iOS it is in development only for 1 year. Currently symbols are not supported for waypoints in GPX Viewer PRO on iOS. This feature is planned to be added in the future. So unfortunately currently it won't work.

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Updated by Tomas Vajda over 1 year ago

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