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Waypoint : no more date and time by default ?

Added by Anonymous over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Device model:
Fairphone 3+
OS version:
Android 11
App name and version:
GPX Viewer Pro 1.42.7


Recently, when adding a new waypoint on a track in GPX Viewer Pro, date and time are blank : you have to set and save date and time manually for each waypoint.
I didn't find how to configure the app so that each waypoint is automatically created with its date and time, as the app did before.
Thanks for helping

Updated by Lucia Kubickova over 1 year ago

Good afternoon,
thank you for reporting your issue. Please check out in the Settings -> Units and Formats whether the time and timezone is synchronized with the account. In case it is not, please look into the settings of your phone to see if the app has all necessary access. You can find also the manual page that can help here: .

Kind regards,
Lucia Kubickova

Updated by Anonymous over 1 year ago

Thanks for answer, ...but it's not the good one...
Timezone is ok in the settings (tried the 3 different values: same issue)
And the track has its good datetimes for start, end, and all points.
Only waypoints don't have datetime.
So it doesn't seem to be some bad setting nor app right/access problem.
Thanks for helping

Updated by Lucia Kubickova over 1 year ago

Thank you for clarification, it indeed is a bug of this version. We will make sure to remove it with the next update.

Kind regards,
Lucia Kubickova

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