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Podpora #121


Can't open recorded files

Added by Anonymous almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Device model:
Nokia 6.1
OS version:
Android 10
App name and version:
Gpx viewer pro


Hi. I can record and save a track giving it a unique name but once I've closed it I can't get it back again.
I can find track info but I can't see the route.
If I download purchased tracks I can see those but not the ones I have recorded and saved / and or exported.
Also, very confused when trying to report an issue as it just tells me I'm polpora or similar.
Regards, Doug Horrigan

Updated by Anonymous almost 2 years ago

Can't find a way to change priority or language used when reporting an issue which seems to be an Eastern European language.
Also can't find way to add my name so I'm just shown as 'anonymous'

Updated by Lucia Kubickova almost 2 years ago

Good afternoon,
thank you for reporting your issue. Could you please tell me whether you are missing tracks in left menu -> Track/route info, or also within exported files in your file browser?
Kind regards,
Lucia Kubíčková

Updated by Anonymous almost 2 years ago

The track/route info shows the distance etc but if I want to select the track to follow it then I can't. There's a little blue 'eye' on the rhs that does nothing when I click it except turn from blue to grey.
There is also something strange about the height of the walks - yesterday it was about 500ft total but the recorded track tells me it was nearly 6000ft.
I can't find tracks from the name I gave it either - yesterday I named it 'ryker' but no search on my phone or within the app will find 'ryker' or even the date I did the walk.
The only way to find it is from the app 'track / route info' but as I said I can't then open it to follow.
'Open files' doesn't list the walks I've recorded and saved, only those I have purchased from 3rd parties.
'Search (from rhs list) doesn't find my files, if I search for 'rykers' I am given a list of places worldwide called rykers but not the track I recorded.
Very frustrating

Updated by Lucia Kubickova almost 2 years ago

Good afternoon,
After clicking on eye by tracks in the track/route info you should be able to disable or show the track on the map. It wont automatically open the map screen. But if you go back to it you should be able to see or not see the track based on the mode you selected. If you try to follow this way, are you able to see them?
The accuracy of elevation might not be always correct since mobile devices are not built to work with 100% accuracy when it comes to GPS. Can you please tell whether the difference in elevation is for overall accumulated elevation or elevation in one point?
When recording and saving tracks you are choosing track name twice. Once right away when you save it (usually predefined as Track 1...), and second time when you export it(usually predefined as the recording profile and timestamp such as run_....). What might have happened is that you saved the track as Rykers, but exported it with predefined name, therefore you cant find it now.
At the same time, make sure you are searching in Open files search within the folder where you are saving tracks (that you can find out after clicking on the track in track/route info) also do not forget to search based on exported file name and not the track name.
Can you please check out whether you can find your files under exported names?

Kind regards,
Lucia Kubíčková

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