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Podpora #116


Oblique view with openstreetmaps

Added by Anonymous almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Device model:
Oneplus 7
OS version:
Android 11
App name and version:
GPX Viewer Pro 1.40.4 build 278


Since several days the view of my openstreetmaps when following my actual location on a walking route outside, has become oblique. Similar to an oblique view in Google Earth.
When zoomed in on my location even my blue actual locationdot on the line of the route has turned from circular to elliptical. Distance scale is then about 100m or smaller. When shifting or zooming the map with my fingers I can influence the amount of obliqueness. Is this a new feature? Can I disable this because I really do not like this. I don't think this is caused by the OS on my OnePlus7, running Android 11. Notice that this phenomena has occured one more time several month ago, but then disappeared after some time.

Updated by Lucia Kubickova almost 2 years ago

Good afternoon,
you can find the way how to control oblique view (tilt), and also how to disable hand gestures in our manual: .
Generally you can control tilt by swiping from top to bottom of the screen and backwards, with two fingers on the screen at the same time.

Kind regards,
Lucia Kubíčková

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