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Does not show offline maps

Added by Anonymous almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Device model:
Iphone 8 plus
OS version:
App name and version:
Gpx Viewer PRO


Hello So I just updated my iphone 8plus with ios 15.5 and now the app does not load the offline maps nor the gpx files.


Updated by Lucia Kubickova almost 2 years ago

Good afternoon,
we have tried to find a source of your problem, however after trying on 3 different devices (iPhone 8,11,13) running on iOS 15.5 we were not able to find any problem. Please check in settings - Offline map data whether you have the data of the region you are looking at downloaded. If that does not work, the only thing we can suggest you for now is to reinstall the whole application to see if the problem disappears.

Kind regards,
Lucia Kubickova

Updated by Anonymous almost 2 years ago

I have the same issue. iPhone 13 Pro on iOS15.5 and offline maps won’t stay. They randomly stop working and I have to delete the entire app and hard restart the phone to get them working again, losing all my tracks, and then it’ll randomly happen again anyway. Screenshots included. If I change the map type it’ll change the background color, but there still won’t be an actual map. It’s like the app loses track of the actual map file. Included are screenshots of the Basic and Tron maps.

Updated by Lucia Kubickova almost 2 years ago

Good afternoon, please have you tried to zoom out to see if application has not moved you further outside of your downloaded area?

Kind regards,
Lucia Kubíčková

Updated by Anonymous almost 2 years ago

Yes, I have tried but it seems to have no effect. This issue seems to happen anytime the app is hard closed or closes by itself in the background.

Updated by Lucia Kubickova almost 2 years ago

Good morning,
few days ago we have released new update for iOS version, that might have helped to solve your issue. Is it still present after updating the application?

Kind regards
Lucia Kubickova

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