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Outdoor topo maps not loading

Added by Anonymous 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Device model:
Sony Xperia L3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
OS version:
Android 9 and 11
App name and version:
Gpx viewer free


Cannot load more than one small area screen of outdoor topo maps so cannot move around the terrain or zoom in or out. Won't work on my Android tablet or phone. Was working perfectly last night!

Updated by Lucia Kubickova 10 months ago

Good afternoon, I am sorry for the long loading time. The maps in free version are online and provided by external body and we can not influence directly the loading, which is influenced by many external factors (internet speed, device speed, changes happening on the server). If you want to avoid the problem with long loading in our PRO version we also include offline version of maps including TOPO style which you can also find here:
You can buy our app through the official Google Play store: The subscription is one-time and after purchase you can use it on unlimited devices.
Kind regards,
Lucia Kubíčková

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