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I have been using oruxmaps for years, but since the last few months the bugs and lack of updates are bottering me more and more. On my way to find a replacement I found gpx viewer and so far, I love it!

However I am missing some things, rather then posting a lot of topics I decided to make 1 topic that I can update.

1) Auto start and stop.
When connected to Bluetooth a route record is started automatically and when disconnected the route is stopped.

2) Option to disable "You have multiple tracks recorded, what do you want to do".
This one annoys me the most, I wish to have a setting to set a default.

3) Cloud storage sync.
It would be really nice to have automatic track upload to cloud services like, Dropbox, Google drive, one drive etc.

Note: Not totally sure if this topic fits in "new feature" or "wishlist". I thought it did fit better in here since those are feature requests.

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RE: My wishlist - Added by Tomas Vajda about 1 year ago


thank you a lot for your feedback. I will answer your points:

1) You can try using Tasker for this -

2) Thank you for this feedback, we will add option to disable this dialog.

3) This feature is planned to be added in the future.

RE: My wishlist - Added by Brandjuh NL about 1 year ago

Thanks for responding.
Happy to hear that 2/3 are going to be implanted

I have tried Tasker, followed all steps but it is not starting with recording.

However it does start the app.

RE: My wishlist - Added by Brandjuh NL about 1 year ago

Sorry, user error. I have fixed it. It's working now with Tasker!

Instead of android.intent.extra.TEXT:TRACK_RECORDING_ACTION_START_PAUSE

Still I hope for all native option in the app. Thanks!