Embedding colors in GPX file

Added by Tom H. almost 2 years ago

Dears, first of all thank you very much for the great app!

I have a question regarding "embedding" colors of tracks (and segments) into the GPX file itself. Is this possible? Can I do this BEFORE / WHILE recording or at least afterwards with a text editor?

How does it need to be done? Which tag(s) to use and where in the file to enter? Which values to use? Can you provide me an example snippet?

Secondly, is it possible to define the colors for different segments of an GPX file and how they are displayed on the screen, when not included in the file itself?

Thanks for any feedback.

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RE: Embedding colors in GPX file - Added by Tomas Vajda over 1 year ago


thank you for contacting us. I am very sorry for responding this late. Yes, it is possible to add color for tracks in gpx file. But only colors in gpx file and not segments. For example contents of gpx file:

<gpxx:TrackExtension xmlns:gpxx="">
<trkpt lat="37.3725057" lon="-118.3981249">